About Me

When people ask me why I wanted to be an editor, I reply as honestly as I can: “I didn't.” I never wanted to be an editor, not even for a moment. What I wanted was to be a writer.

I've had a love affair with words for longer than I can remember. My great-grandfather, an immigrant from the Ukraine, stressed to me early on that words were important things and reading was powerful. He taught me the alphabet when I was three and from there things just fell into place. I learned that words were magic. Words could transform the world around me, they could describe things to people who would never actually ever see them, and they could transport me to faraway places – both real and imaginary.

I knew that I wanted to work with words.

Years went by and I started writing. I crafted some pretty bad stories and even worse poetry – some of which was even published in small and local periodicals. A few more years went by; I fell in love, got married and had children, and for me it was difficult to be a mother and get sucked into the world of words that writing drew me into.

Then I met Anne Victory of Victory Editing and she offered me an opportunity that I couldn't resist: the option to read books, new books before anyone else did and scan the manuscript for errors. Final pass reading or “Oops Detection” as Anne calls it. It was perfect. I got to read and play with words and I got paid to do it!

She was the one who suggested I consider full-time copy editing. She said I had a good eye, a good feel for manuscripts and I'd be foolish to not give it a shot. At first the idea made me nervous. Turn reading into work? Wouldn't I end up hating it after a while? But no. She had it (and me) pegged perfectly. So she got to work helping me hone the skills I already had, and drilling me in the areas in which I was weak, and here I am.

Working as a copy editor on your manuscript allows me to help bring your dreams into fruition. I get to read your amazing stories, help you turn them into the piece of perfection you want them to be, and then set them loose into the world to inspire and astound others. For this I get paid. It's pretty amazing really, and I can't wait to work with you.