Did you know that it is exceedingly difficult to proofread or edit your own writing with a critical and objective eye?

The reasons for this are pretty straightforward:

  1. You’ve spent countless hours working with and rereading these words.
  2. You know the way it should be read.
  3. Focus, for you, has been on story and character development, not on nitpicky details.

Just as with those silly tricks on Facebook where our brains process mistakes and turn them into what should be there rather than what is, an author can have a very difficult time combing through their own manuscript for errors.

As an editor, it is my job to catch the oversights in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I can keep an eye out for phrasing, style, and flow. All of these things will keep your readers’ attention on the story, where it belongs, rather than on the technical aspects of the writing itself.