What I do and how much it will cost you:

Content Editing: With a content edit, I work closely with you to ensure that your story is exactly as you had intended from the start. I assist you with clarification of plot and character development, keep an eye out for point of view issues, and help strengthen the flow of your book from opening line to ensuring that your ending ties everything together and leaves the reader excited for more from you. This type of edit is particularly useful for helping an author work through a myriad of issues, from an unlikable leading lady to conflict that isn’t edge-of-your-seat tense enough. I will assist you in transforming your first draft into a book that readers will connect with and love as much as you do. While I will catch spelling and grammar issues as I spot them, they are not a priority for this type of edit and I always suggest that an author invest in a solid copy/line edit and proofread after this step, ideally with a different editor. I’d love to work with you further, but by the time a content edit is complete, I will know the story too intimately to continue on without a significant break between editing passes. A content edit is a lengthy process and goes through multiple back and forth passes between editor and author. As such, it can take months and an author should take this into consideration while planning out their production process.

Pricing: .02 - .035 per word

Line Editing: In addition to paying attention to basic spelling and grammar, line editing looks at consistency, style and tone in a manuscript. Combing through your manuscript, line by line, I will keep an eye out for the above—paying particular attention to such things as non-conventional spelling, misused or overused words/phrases. A line edit pays attention to sentence structure and readability as well as making certain that everything ties in together with an enjoyable and smooth flow. Often times a line edit is done in conjunction with a copy edit. Please note that a line edit is not the same as a content edit which delves much deeper into the storyline. A line edit, will, however, help tighten up your phrasing and improve the general readability of your manuscript. As with a copy edit, a line edit is charged on a per-word basis which is quoted at the time of a sample edit.

Copy Editing:  With a full copy edit you can expect a thorough assessment of your manuscript, checking everything from spelling and grammar to plot holes and storyline continuity. Is your character making a sandwich? How did that happen? He’s been in the garage for the last two chapters. Does your storyline flow in a way that readers can process? Copy editors are not content editors, but we will keep an eye on how your story moves and suggest appropriate changes if something seems off. This type of edit is charged on a per-word basis which is quoted at the time a sample edit (typically 5-6 pages of the manuscript) is given. Timing on a copy edit will depend upon length of manuscript as well as amount of projected changes as per the sample given.

Pricing: .005 - .009 per word.

Final Pass: This is the last stop before a manuscript is ready to be published. I want to stress that this is NOT editing. This is not even proofreading. A final-pass read goes over the content for major things that have been missed through the normal editing or proofreading process (missing terminal punctuation, missing spaces, spelling/word usage, missing quote marks, and so on). In the simplest of terms, this step is "typo hunting." There is a flat reading fee and then a charge per error. Because errors can add up on a manuscript that hasn’t been copy/line edited and proofread, you only want to choose this service if you’re confident that your manuscript is all but ready to go. Clients selecting this service are expected to have already had their project professionally edited. Manuscripts with more than a 25% error rate one quarter of the way in will be billed for errors marked, but then returned as it is not cost-effective for the author for me to continue.

Reading fee for manuscript: .001 per word.
Each error marked: 1.00

Beta Reading: Occasionally authors have a difficult time locating beta readers who are objective and can give solid, quality feedback that can help you strengthen your story. While I am not an advocate of paying for beta readers in general, I do understand that sometimes we just aren’t getting the feedback we need. As such, I am happy to offer my services as a beta reader on a first come, first served basis with the understanding that beta reading is my lowest priority and is worked in around my editing schedule. With a beta read you will receive solid, constructive feedback on your manuscript, and I will provide you with a questionnaire that you can use with other beta readers to help guide them into providing the information that will be most useful to you in strengthening your story.

Reading fee/assessment: .004 per word

Note: the above figures are "kick-the-tire" guidelines, sending your sample to me allows me to quote you accurately

Please keep in mind that no two manuscripts are exactly alike, which is why I request a sample to edit in order to offer you the fairest pricing. When submitting a sample for an editing quote I request that you send between five to ten pages. This will afford both of us the opportunity to go over each other's work and be certain that we are a good fit.

In a perfect world every author would have the resources to hire individual editors to run each individual step. Understandably, not every author has the luxury to do so. At the very least it is suggested that an author invest in a Copy Edit to catch any glaring errors that will stand out to readers. There are a handful of editors out there who cater to independent authors who choose to self-publish or who work with small publishing houses and we try to keep our prices very reasonable. We are, after all, in this business because we love books and we want to help get them out into the world.